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21 January 2012 @ 07:05 am
Below is an article on women and slashfic that one of my friends sent me a while back. It was written several years ago (2004), so some aspects of it may be out of date, and the authors are evolutionary psychologists, so that's the perspective they are coming from. I think the article is pure and unrelenting bullshit, but I thought I would share it anyway, since it seemed appropriate for this comm. You will most likely either find it hilarious or infuriating. Possibly both.

Slash Fiction and Human Mating Psychology

Some of the more bizarre assertions made by the authors:

"One hypothesis that might account for the existence of slash is simply that the women who write and read this erotic subgenre are, in some yet-to-be-determined way, psychosexually unusual--analogous, for example, to male paraphiliacs."

"While slash fans produce a great deal of slash-related artwork, it is unabashedly romantic, very much in the vein of romance novel cover art. It may depict nudity, but it almost never depicts penetration."

"In describing their characters, slash writers are to some extent constrained by the physical traits of the actors who play the roles in the series being slashed, but poetic license regularly enables the main POV character to be "feminized": that is, to be portrayed as the smaller of the two, physically weaker, lighter in coloring, more seductive, more in touch with his emotions, and quicker to perceive the development of mutual love."

From the sound of it, they did not actually talk to any slash fans before writing their article. What they did was browse a couple of web archives, and conducted a survey of 22 romance novel fans after they had read a (published) gay romance novel.

This article was also expanded into a book entitled Warrior Lovers: Erotic Fiction, Evolution, and Female Sexuality. It's available for free at the link, and has gotten some rave reviews. If you can stomach 100 pages of this sort of BS, consider writing a review to balance the others.
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02 January 2012 @ 11:28 pm
Today I read an article written for The Atlantic about a year ago that was about pornography, the internet and male sexual desire. The author was clear, repeatedly, about porn as a reflection of MALE sexual desire. Which of course led me to thinking about porn for women. Being that I read and write a lot of fanfic, especially slash and explicit, and a little meta on it, I've come to think of erotic fanfic as a sort of 'women's porn.'

First though, I'll yammer a bit more about male sexual desire, then the accessibility of porn, my own porn journey, and finally speculate about what this means for a woman-friendly, feminist perspective. Hopefully you can fill me in with where I've gone wrong, or at least with your own input, in the comments.

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What do you think? Do you have any answers to all of this?
an essay of sorts, discussing dead women in Saiyuki and House, over here.
12 February 2011 @ 06:02 pm

Find them over at my journal here.  Have some samples!


I did this cos I was bored before I do my feminist Narnia project, which will comprise of an essay, a susan fic and a Jill fic.  Pop over to my journal to find them when they're done :D
08 February 2011 @ 01:10 am
Finished!  Here's the last two parts, along with the rest...

Title: Child of Vengeance.
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series.
Characters: Jenny Calendar, D'Hoffryn, Angel/Angelus, Giles, Willow.
Word Count: 3,743.
Summary: Jenny has always avoided vengeance.  Her people's obsession with it drove her from them.  But now, a victim of Angelus and fearing for her loved ones, vengeance may be her only hope.  And as she has her revenge, she must find herself and the strength to move on.
Links: parts one, two, three, four.

Hope you enjoy!
07 February 2011 @ 08:02 pm
... are over at my journal here.


Also, for commentary on Cordelia and her feminist role in Angel and Buffy, check out many of the other posts! :)
07 February 2011 @ 08:04 pm
Nominations for DUFF 2011

Since 1972 the Down Under Fan Fund, a fan-supported fellowship, has encouraged closer ties between science- fiction fans in Australasia and North America through an alternating exchange of representatives. DUFF delegates attend the Worldcon or a national convention in the host country and visit fans they might otherwise never meet in person. Delegates are responsible for raising funds and administering DUFF until a new delegate from their continent is elected, and are expected to publish trip reports which can be sold to aid the fund.

This time the race is for an Australian fan to travel to Renovation, 17 August 2011 to 21 August 2011 (See: http://www.renovationsf.org/).

Nominations for the Australasia to US trip must be received by the administrators by midnight Thursday 31 March 2011. This year voting will close 20th May 2011. DUFF is entirely fan/volunteer run by the winning candidates from the previous election.

Nominations can be sent to:

American DUFF Administrator
John F Hertz
236 S Coronado St #409
Los Angeles CA 90057
Phone: (213)384-6622
Email: john_hertz2010@hotmail.com

Australian DUFF Administrator
Emma Hawkes
9/36 Cape Street
Osborne Park WA 6017
Phone: (08) 9443 4581
Email: ehawkes@iinet.net.au

Anyone may nominate who is active in fandom. “Active in fandom” means involved in fannish pursuits such as fanfic writing or reading, convention running or attending, amateur film/video production, or club participation, or online participation in fannish life,, or fanzine editing, etc.

For the Australasian-US trip, each candidate must be nominated by three Australasian fans and two North American fans. Each candidate will have a written platform and promises (barring Acts of God) to travel to the 2011 WorldCon, and to serve as administrator of the fund until the next American delegate is elected.

Nominations for DUFF are to be accompanied by a 150 word platform and a donation of of $25 for DUFF. Payment can be made by paypal to ehawkes@iinet.net.au or by cheque to the Australian Science Fiction Foundation P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Victoria 3131 or to John Hertz , 246 S Coronado St #409, Los Angeles CA 90057.

You can find more information from Emma (ehawkes@iinet.net.au) or John Hertz (john_hertz2010@hotmail.com).
05 February 2011 @ 02:05 am
Hiya!  So I'm writing a Jenny fic.  From Buffy!  It's set after S2, and it's sort of about her realising her potential and finding peace.
So far there are two parts, each around 1,000 words.  I think there will be four in total.  My first completed long fic, so I hope you enjoy it!  It was inspired by how many times the word "vegeance" is used in relation to Jenny and her people.  It's a strong theme in season 2, and I wanted to incorporate this with how it's used later on. 

Title: Child of Vengeance.
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Characters: Jenny Calendar, D'Hoffryn, Angel/Angelus, Giles, Willow.
Word Count: 2,000.
Summary: Jenny has always avoided vengeance.  Her people's obsession with it drove her from them.  But now, a victim of Angelus and fearing for her loved ones, vengeance may be her only hope.
Part:  ONE.  TWO.

Parts four and five will probably be written and posted tomorrow :)

04 February 2011 @ 08:27 pm
Here are some of my most feminist fics!  Fandoms: BtVS, AtS, Supernatural, Stargate: Atlantis, Greek myth.

Self Respect
(Supernatural)  A short poem from Jo Harvelle's POV.  Post S5.  Jo Harvelle never thought she'd say no to Dean, but in the end, all she needed was respect.

The First Time
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)  Willow and Tara kiss for the first time, but it's not the first time Willow kissed a girl.  (Willow/Tara, Willow/Cordy)  Nominated for the Willowy Goodness Awards.  (-1,000 words)

The Art of Losing
(Angel, the series.)  Post S4.  Lying comatose, Cordelia tells her story to whoever's listening, the last time she'll have to say her point of view about how she got here. (-1,000 words)

Personal Canon: Cordelia Chase
(Angel)  Follows on from the above fic.  Here, I fix the end of S4.  This is how it should have ended, given the whole Cordelia-is-not-a-victim theme that ran through the entirety of AtS, apart from S4 of course. (-500 words)

Untold Fairytale
(Angel) Basically, Eve gets a personality and backstory.  Post S5.  As she watches the city burn, Eve remembers her relationship with Lindsey and her own eternal life. (a little +1,000 words)

Personal Canon: Eve/Lindsey
(Angel) Doesn't exactly follow on from Fairytale, but this is my opinion of how things should have ended.  And in my mind, they did end this way.  (-500 words)

(Stargate: Atlantis) Post S3.  This is what would have happened had Elizabeth not been left to the Asurans.  Another fixit fic.  Liz/John.  (-1,000 words)

There are a few more fics, like a Faith/Wes one, and they're linked in my sticky post.  There's also this collection of poems.  This has been unlocked for a brief time, so look now while you can!

Brought together by The Fates, three Greek heroines and anti-heroines come together to tell their part in Theseus' tale.  Featuring Ariadne, Hippolyta and Medea.  (1,500 words)

Hope you enjoy!!


Ok I have some thoughts and I don't know where else to post them, because none of my friends watch Fringe so they're not dissecting it feministly.

Every week we see more fall out from Fauxlivia's con. This week Peter goes all psycho killer and Walter says that he's being weaponized by the Doomsday Machine. Everyone on io9 and AV Club seem to be totally bipassing the fact that Peter was essentially raped by Fauxlivia when she pretended she was Olivia. He did NOT consent to having sex, and creating an entire emotional relationship, with Olivia's double. Of course he's going to react with rage, emotional coldness, etc. He's been betrayed on a very basic level. It's not like, oooo she was hot so it's all okay. And (while somewhat understandable) it's got to really sting that for a while Olivia was blaming him for the whole thing. (Of course I see Olivia as being a victim of more than simple identity theft as well, I mean your entire identity stolen has to be close to rape as well, so they've both been horrifically injured.)