A Figment of My Own Imagination (veleda_k) wrote in feminist_fandom,
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I was sick of this a long time ago

Ok, fandom, listen up. Often male characters who are canonically tough and strong are turned into whiny, spineless crybabies. This annoys me, as I'm sure it does you. However, newsflash, they are not being "turned into girls". Being weak willed is not a female trait. It seems like anytime anyone wants to insult a male character, they imply or outright state that he's feminine (which happens in real life too). There's a character in one of my fandoms who's very, very jealous, and is constantly accusing his fiance of cheating on him. I have heard this character accused of "acting like a jealous woman." No, he acts jealous. There is nothing inherently feminine about jealousy.

What really took the cake was this quote:

Yuri's a badass, even when he's fallin' in love...definitely far from a girl.

So, girls can't be badasses, then? Great.


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