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Feminist Fandom

tv, film, comics, manga, graphic novels, anime, books, rpg, gaming, cosplay, etc

Feminist Fandom and Discussion
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What are we? (the short-version) We are a community for discussing and thinking about fandom (and aspects of fandom) from a feminist perspective.

How do we run? anybody can submit stuff here for posting. We're looking for meta-style/essays/rants/rambles/discussion posts about fandom. If you'd like to submit something, go over here to read more.

What Are We? The Long Version

Are you tired of participating in sexist, racist, homophobic, completely enraging fandom?

So are we. Real fucking tired. As rewarding as fandom can be, the attitudes we find ruin any enjoyment or discussion we might have from the fanworks or roleplay.

In this community we will be:

1) ranting about things that piss us off in fandom

2) discussing the objects of our obsession with a feminist* perspective

3) sharing our own fanworks and fanspaces

4) discussing strategies for our own fiction

5) sharing fanworks and original writing for support and critique

Here we define feminism as a social, political, and ideological movement for the equality of the sexes. In addition, we believe that feminism relates critically to all movements that work towards deconstructing oppression, privilege, and patriarchy. Our feminism is pro-choice, pro-queer, and anti-racism. We affirm women's choices, and we do not blame the oppressed for their own oppression.

General Rules

1) No spam, and no quizzes unless you are presenting one for critique with a rant.

2) No deleting posts. Comments may only be deleted for grammatical changes, and you may not freeze comments on your own post. You need to stand behind what you say. Be brave.

3) Put any pictures behind a cut.

4) Or long posts (like three-fourths of the screen) behind a cut. As a general rule, if you are sharing fiction for critique, put it behind a cut with the title and a bit of descriptive explaination.How to cut.

5) Be respectful in all discussion. Do not belittle or dismiss members' discussions as unimportant. We can get that in every other fandom community. More in the quote below...

6) No displaying privilege. More in the quote below...

Community Environment

We want to make this community as "safe" as possible for our members. The following is quoted from feminist_rage because they pretty much put it perfectly:

"c)We recognize that the 'isms' work together to create all the things that piss us off. In short: no racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, or transphobic statments.

    (i)Nobody needs a reminder that privileged groups feel pain too; an indictment of one 'ism' is not a dismissal of every other wrong in existence. If you belong to a privileged group, you will most likely be checked at one time or another. Before getting defensive, look back at your post and query whether you deserved it. Repeated and unchecked assertion of privilege will in most cases warrant a ban.

   (ii)The desire to disbelieve or belittle others' posts goes hand in hand with privilege. If a member's valid rage is disbelieved or belittled in a way that disrupts the safe space, appropriate action will be taken at the discretion of the moderators.

   (iii)The members of this community enjoy a space in which they may freely discuss both historical and contemporary sexism, discrimination, and the effects thereof on womyn. These discussions may include observations about how men contribute to sexism and discrimination. This is not "reverse sexism." The members of this community are free to reasonably discuss the ways in which men contribute to sexism and discrimination without being accused of sexism themselves."

We would also like to note that at times we will be working exclusively with the power of language. Some of us are writers and MUST realize how words shape our worldview. As writers, we are also touchy about our work. Mutual respect and maturity will be key in our discussions, if we want to get anything done. Calling you out on privileged language is not the same as a personal attack. In fact, the ways we do not realize our language is privileged is rather insidious.


As the aforementioned "we," consists of pirateveronica but I'll probably be looking for additional mods in the future, our abilities, while Godlike, may not be completely able to keep this space safe, particularly considering the time we have. As we grow, we hope we will be able to manage this space and allow it to grow.


Mod Notes: Consider these a little heads up for when you are skirting the line between appropriate or inappropriate behavior or have made a first offense, but we feel you have good intentions.

Mod Warnings: These are for when you are flying over the line or have accrued many Mod Notes, and we're tired of hinting around. Generally, three warnings and you're out, or if the offense is bad enough, one will do.

We don't really want to ban people, however, so try to be kind to each other.

We have moderated membership, but non-member comments are allowed. Thus, if you don't want to join, or we decline you, you can friend or defriend the comm at will and participate in discussions. We will be allowing members in based on their userinfo and our recognition of them from other feminist and like-minded communities. This is subject to change. Basically, if you aren't approved right away, you can establish cred by commenting and letting us get to know you. We think in creating a community where we may be discussing one's writing and writing techniques, we need to build up some trust.

In addition, posting access is moderated.

If you wish to discuss something with the mods or need us to attend to something in the community, you can email pirateveronica at pirateveronica@hotmail.com or , contact pirateveronica via PM, or leave a comment over here

Happy geeking!

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